This page is on Genius Guy #445's piece in Epic Saga: The Video Game.

My part in everything.Edit

Genius Guys are the current incarnation of a knowledge seeking race known as the "discipulum-aeterna". They are a single, immortal reincarnating being that is born a member of the least suspicious and most widespread intelligent inhabitants of the planet's time period. They spend a lifetime learning everything they possibly can through a specific race of creatures. After they die, they add their gained knowledge to their higher being.

The current incarnation is of a green Shy Guy with an incredible unlocked learning capacity. He is amazingly loyal and carries strong bonds with his race and colleague E. Gadd. Just recently joining the Saurian Jared and Beecanoe on their request for revenge, he is quickly able to discern their character and determine that harm will not be aimed at him or his race. He is invaluable to the team, as he is the smartest and least likely to back-stab those he trusts. He has a slight but healthy mistrust for everyone, since that is the prudent thing that everyone seems to forget when it is must critical.

This Shy Guy is probably the least exciting character from a story standpoint. He sometimes has a tendency to deduce what is happening and makes strange situations extremely anticlimactic and boring. This is an example of a battle close to the beginning of the game. Each new line represents a different turn.

Yes. Hmmm, yes.
Battles, appearance, hmmm...
There is someone watching us from another dimension.
When that shadow appears, it changes the attack styles of my enemies.
We each appear to take turns, where either one attacks and the other has an opportunity to block or counter.
All opposed second please.
Eureka. I mean, EUREKA!
If I just do this....BEEP! [Button push. Style changes to beat-em-up.]
Ah...ha...Nice!...This... oooo.... is more of a, phew, free-for-all. I ow!, grrrr, BEEP!
There. I believe that was a "beat-em-up" style for a game. Interesting.
(nothing until win)
(Winning) What? You think it to be unusual that I correctly deduce that I am in game, that my actions are controlled by less intelligent being from another dimension and that it didn't take me that long? You've got a lot to learn.

There are many other cases where he deduces the entire plot line. Luckily, he doesn't say it out loud, but rather writes it down for the player to find as Easter eggs.