Ludicrously Overpowered Weapons, (LOW), is an incredible new 3rd person shooter for Nonadison Lmt.'s V.T. Volcano. It takes a real cast of friends, and accents their ethnicities while giving them stupidly powerful defenses against a Zombie invasion. Recently, after playing Gears of War 2, the style of the gameplay shifted from a more Halo styled game. The reason being, rather than kill humanoids, the targets would be a mix of semihumanoids, closer to the enemies in Gears of War, who are more fun to annihilate anyways. Zombies/monsters/animals/humanoids. Not trying to recruit you, not seeming too human, but intelligent enough to put up a fight. The game focus works out to be a tower defence/RPG version of Left 4 Dead, which averages out to Gears plus Bloons. Expect a sequel.



2012. Everyone said it marked the end of the world. That everything would be gone in December. They were right, but not in the way they expected.

2012, an indiginous company faced the problem of going bankrupt due to lack of innovation. The reputable area would be affected by any change made to the company. The people held their breath...

2012, a small group of friends were entering their senior year of high school. They were well known in their circles, for the various quirks, backgrounds and skills they had. Notably, they were gamers. And there was one with big dreams...

2012, Nonadison takes off in Ontario's Tri-cities, and quickly fills the area with its revolutionary console. One such way was to hold a contest for a group of winners in the region to participate in the gaming challenge of the century...

2012, Research Yields Momentum was bought out but a wealthy individual no one had heard of before. Nonetheless, he became famous almost overnight. With massive amounts of funding barely plausible, all RYM factories began producing phones the public had never seen before. With the best aesthetic, interface and features the world had ever seen, RYM remade its empire in a month. How could that be? It isn't just that the phones are invincible, but never run out of power, or that the run on the recently taken over combo of Rodge's and Bill's telecommunications...

2012, Nonadison's gaming challenge tested thousands from the region for every conceivable variable a game may need. Their search yielded 8 unique gamers, unusually from the same school. They went to Nonadison's facilities, to join in a game unlike they had ever seen before.


The 8 gamers entered a board room, and sat down at the table. After a few minutes, the Head of the Canadian Maple Service entered the room. She explained that the CMS was the Secret Service, CIA and MIB of Canada. She also began to recount the events of the past month. RYM rising from bankruptcy, and selling unusually ground-breaking phones. What the phones are made of, why everyone wanted them, and why RYM was offering them to everybody. As absurd as it sounded, the technology behind them was not available on the Earth previously because it was not developed on Earth. A murderous horde of alien TechnoZombies went to planets all over the universe to recruit the population, and obtain the resources to continue. Earth was selected due to its high population and love for technology. All that is known by the CMS is that the cellphones are remote controlled by the aliens to liquify, cover and meld to the user; recreating them as TechnoZombies. So, until they can figure out how to stop it, the group was chosen to train and protect Earth from the threat. That's why the 8 are there. Formalities close the meeting, and training begins.

After the trainingEdit

2012. December. Doom approaches.

Nonadison finishes research with the military and CMS to use the batteries of the RYM phones and converts them into a viable power source for the experimental weaponry they were working on at the same time. Amazingly, the technology in the camera was also enough to scan complex objects, and replicate them onscreen. Now they can replicate bullets, guns and other objects. Even better is the safe downloading channels for the information. For the moment, most of the weapons are redone military weapons with more power and computing power added to them, but they are strong weapons nonetheless. No doubt, more research will be done when weapons come from Zombies to add to their conquest. The training is complete, and the group goes home to wait the week before the invasion may come.

First LevelEdit

They aren't disappointed. December 12, 2012 marks the end of an era. And few no it.

The day started normally. No one noticed anything. Massive discs in the sky? You stare at the clouds to much. Lasers shooting across space? What an imagination! Get back to work. Nothing happens until noon.

At 12:00, Southern Ontario changes immensely. A massive explosion is heard, an annoying after-ring, and the repercussions of billions of cellphones simultaneously malfunctioning and calling each other. Most owners of the phones whip them out to see what happened, and test them by calling or texting a friend. After spreading intense radiation to heads and hands, the phones overheat, melt, a burn the screaming owners of the new RYM phones. The goop spreads across the arms of the owners of the phones, who attempt to remove the devices. Their efforts are futile, as the TechnoZombies have the art down to a science. Now fully enclosed in a sticky black mess, the owners partly disintegrate and reform into the terrifying image of TechnoZombies. Some partly melted creatures have monitors replacing their heads; others have cables snaking up and down their body. The region has been corrupted. Brains lose potency to gain better communication with the group mind.

However, the group mentioned was in the forest at the time, left their RYM phones at home and brought their old phones instead. Wearing the weapons given to them a week ago, they come across a field with a crashed alien ship in the middle of it, belching smoke out of the top. With a few weapons littering the ground in the area, and health packs around it, the group decides to make an assault plan.


The obtain better weapons, and prepare to defend. Minimal cover is available, and minimal cover can be made. They find a weak configuration to make cover, but some is better than none.

Later on, they have better communications, have more powerful tools and weapons, and are better at defending themselves. Eventually purchases can be made (after achieving communications), to improve the time and variety of defenses to build.

Eventually, the take over the RYM facilities, and establish their control over the region. The TechnoZombies know their true enemies, and bide their time before starting another attack. How soon could that be?

Sooner than they think


Not sure what names to give them. Real names? Code names? Right now, identifiable by their initials. Weapon names may be changed in the future.

Each of these characters are based off of a group of friends. However, these ones may be altered (sometimes, quite a bit), to match the game. Each of the 8 wears an exoskeleton, and a weapon that can scan others and reform.

Initials Weapon style Background Unique Strength Unique Weakness


Explosives Somewhat inaccurate, he likes his effort to count. Likes explosives. Armor is stronger than others against explosives Weak to Tech.


Fire Much more accurate, plus an added bonus for the extra flame. Pyromaniac. Faster reload, change of weapons.


Splash Damage More inaccurate than DP, would appreciate weapons that hurt as long as they're close. Stronger battery. Weak to electricity/tech.


Accurate Known for accuracy, and will chose instant kill weapons, to stronger and less accurate weapons. Strong vs. Headshots Weak to splash damage and stickies. (Get it off, GET IT OFF! AUGH!)


Evasive Light, and maneuverable, enjoys hit and run incidents. Must be half ninja. Better speed. Weak to Melee

GQ #

Minimalist Tall and presumed helpless. However, all weapons are concealed well, and the enemy rarely knows what hit them. Higher jump and better speed.


Electricity Prefers computers doing the dirty work. Strong to Tech

AP #

Heavy Plasma A love for technology allows for an interesting set of dangerous weapons. Strong to Tech

Weapons and SpecsEdit

There are many crazy weapons featured in this game. As such, inspiration will be marked. It used to be marked with asterisks (*), but there are too many epic weapons, so each is marked by name.

Short form Game
(Raze) Raze, a flash game on Andkon.
(TF2) Team Fortress 2, created by VALVe
(Por2) Portal 2, created by VALVe
(Halo) Halo, by Bungie
(Com 2) Commando 2, available on Miniclip. For reference of Commando 2 weapons, there is a video.
(Gears) Gears of War, by Epic Games.
(007) Golden Eye 007, by Activision.
(NMD!) Nitrome Must Die!, (as you may have guessed,) is a game by Nitrome.
(Tox) Toxic, by Nitrome
Commando 2 all guns

Commando 2 all guns

User WeaponsEdit

All weapons in line of upgrades
Owner Initials Starter Half way through Final
DP Rocket Launcher (TF2) Dragon Destructor (Commando 2) Mountain Launcher (")
DP TI-rex M30 (Com 2) Dominator (") Pequeno R25 (")
DP Cherry-bomb Pistol (")
DP Post-it Grenades (007) Glue Grenades (Raze) Plasma Grenades (Halo)
DP Shotput Mines (007) Bowling Mines (Halo) Planet Mines (007)
DP Melee Weapon/Special Weapon
RW Sniper Rifle (Raze) Bullet Accelerator (Gears) Hyper Sniper (007)
RW Flame Shotgun (Raze) Inferno Shotgun (") Pretzeled Punisher (")
RW ASDF Camera (Raze)
RW Greek Furnaces (Gears - FLAME BOOMER IN A BOTTLE!) Incendiary Grenades (Gears - Aug! OWW! 100% SATISFIED! Augh!) Firestormer (Gears)
RW Molotov Pop can (NMD!) Molotov Cocktails (Com 2) Molotov Keg (NMD!)
RW Melee Weapon/Special Weapon
AN Flame Thrower (TF2) Inferno Cannon (Gears) H. Volcano (NMD!)
AN SE-40 Prowse (Co2) DA Moonshadow (Co2) Domino gun (Co2)
AN Bio Uzis (Raze)
AN Acid Balloons (Raze) Paint Grenades (Por2) Cement Grenades (Btd)
AN Unlocked cell phone plan (007) Pay per use phone plan (") Satellite phone plan (")
AN Melee Weapon/Special Weapon
PN Auto RPG/bullet hybrid gun (Co2) Knee-jerk Terminator (") Roulette of Death (")
PN Rail Gun (Raze) Thundergun (Raze) Gammaraydiator (Halo)
PN Pistol (Halo)
PN Grenade dud (Halo) C4 dud (007) Thermal detonator dud
PN Spiked grenade (Tox) Hedgehog grenade (Tox) Porcupine grenade (Tox)
PN Melee Weapon/Special Weapon
KT Iced Chopstick chaingun (Raze) Frozen Spear chaingun (Raze) Coated Javelin chaingun (Raze)
KT Barbeque gun (Raze) Volcano gun (Gears) Solar Blaster (Gears)
KT Postsnipe pistol (Halo. Phew, that sniper miss- *Thud)
KT Broiled darts (Nitrome) Napalm darts (") Olympic darts (")
KT Smoke grenade (Gears) Gas grenade (Gears, different grenade) Noxious grenade (Gears)
KT Melee Weapon/Special Weapon
GQ Static shocker (Raze) Lightning Storm (Halo) Supercell (Co2)
GQ Assult rifle (Raze) MPC-Avenger (Co2) TI Prescision (Co2)
GQ Nail Gun (Halo)
GQ C3 (Brawl) Frisbee Mine (007) Anti army mine (Btd)
GQ Vacuum Tubes (Btd) Dry Whirlpool (Btd) Black hole container (Btd)
GQ Melee Weapon/Special Weapon
JD Buzz Droid (Star Wars) Flying Drone (Co2) Satellite (Co2)
JD Missiles (Co2) Intelligent missiles (Co2) Seeker missiles (Co2)
JD Zapper (Raze)
JD Flightless Drones (Co2) Crippled Turrets (Por2) Landed Satellites (Co2)
JD Combustible Lemon (Por2) Old Car battery Old Hybrid Car battery
JD Melee Weapon/Special Weapon
AP Gun Light (TF2) Spotlight (") Search light (")
AP Film Camera (Raze) Digital Camera (Raze) S.L.A.E.C.O.D. (Por2)
AP Remote (Raze)
AP Flash bulb (Halo) Halogen bulb (") Flash Tube (")
AP Low beams (Halo) High beams (Halo) Floodlights (Halo)
AP Melee Weapon/Special Weapon

Primary weapons are all formidable guns starting from military grade and going to interplanetary warlord. The first are the most used, longest ranged, and most dangerous to the enemies. The second is shorter range, but still deadly. The last is some sort of pistol weapon. Useful, but no always used.

Owner Initials Primary weapon (guns) Class of weapons
DP Rocket Launcher, Dragon Destructor, Mountain Launcher Rocket launchers
DP TI-rex M30, Dominator, Pequeno R25 Hand gun for shooting rockets
DP Cherry-bomb Pistol Pistal that shoots small explosive bullets. Room for error.
RW Sniper Rifle, Bullet Accelerator, Hyper Sniper Snipers, some contain tracer rounds
RW Flame Shotgun, Inferno Shotgun, Pretzeled Punisher A shotgun that lets out a large flame afterwards. Prezel inferring salt; in this case burning metal salts.
RW Pistol Pistol with heated bullets
AN Flame Thrower, Inferno Cannon, Portable Volcano Flame throwers
AN SE-40 Prowse, DA Moonshadow, Domino gun Automatic grenade launcher that shoots explosives in all directions (mainly forward and backward)
AN Bio Uzis* Uzis that shoot toxic waste + acid
PN Auto RPG/bullet hybrid gun, Knee-jerk Terminator, Roulette of Death Machine guns that shoot rockets as well
PN Rail Gun, Thundergun, Gammaraydiator Mach sniper that shoots conductive bullets and blasts electricity to them.
PN Pistol* Normal awesome powerful pistol.
KT Iced Chopstick chaingun, Frozen Spear chaingun, Coated Javelin chaingun Chain guns that spits iced bullets
KT Barbeque gun, Volcano gun, Solar Blaster Shoots smoke, then a broad covering flame
KT Postsnipe pistol Fires a trail for a sniper-like shot, then fires a normal pistol round.
GQ Static shocker, Lightning Storm, Supercell Guns that emits large amounts of electricity forward.
GQ Assult rifle, MPC-Avenger, TI Prescision Smaller, sleeker automatic rifle.
GQ Nail Gun A literal nail gun from a construction area.
JD Buzz Droid, Flying Drone, Satellite Playing a video game about playing a video game to shoot enemies with a satellite.
JD Missles, Intelligent missles, Seeker missiles Launcher of computer guided missles.
JD Zapper* Particle accelerator that fries from the inside out.
AP Gun Light, Spotlight, Search light Miniguns that shoot light.
AP Film Camera, Digital Camera, S.L.A.E.C.O.D. (Super Large Aperture Equipped Camera of Death) Shotgun camera
AP Remote Based off the same weapon as the Zapper
The first can be planted on walls, the second on floors.
Owner Initials Projectile weapon Explanation
DP Post-it Grenades, Glue Grenades, Plasma Grenades Grenades with an adhesive
DP Shotput Mines, Bowling Mines, Planet Mines A massive explosive rolled across the ground.
RW Greek Furnaces, Incendiary Grenades, Firestormer Grenades that burn the affected area
RW Molotov Pop can, Molotov Cocktails, Molotov Keg Like the previous, but with a larger range
AN Acid Balloons, Paint Grenades, Cement Grenades Grenades that spew acid
AN Unlocked cell phone plan, Pay-per-use phone plan, Satellite phone plan Generic text message that puts the enemies radiation giving phones to good use.
PN Grenade dud, C4 dud, Thermal detonator dud Grenades that hurt on impact with a delayed explosion
PN Spiked grenade, Hedgehog grenade, Porcupine grenade Cluster bomb of super sharp shrapnel
KT Napalm Darts Darts that burn the affected area
KT Broiled darts, Napalm darts, Olympic darts Heated darts. Olympic: A souvenir from the 2010 Olympics, modified from the inextinguishable torch.
KT Smoke grenade, Gas grenade, Noxious grenade Poisonous gas from a grenade with a small kick to it
GQ C-3, Frisbee Mine, Anti army mine Mines planted on surfaces, yet can be thrown
GQ Vaccum tubes, Dry Whirlpool, Black hole container Similar to the flash bulb, but brings enemies to the area and electricutes them
JD Flightless Drones, Crippled Turrets, Landed Satellites Flightless/ slightly damaged robots that shoot lasers at nearby enemies
JD Combustible Lemon, Old Car battery, Old Hybrid Car battery Old, rupturing, acid spitting batteries
AP Flash bulb, Halogen bulb, Flash Tube Lightbulbs that burn and explode on breaking
AP Low beams, High beams, Floodlights Short unleash of high energy light from spotlight. May incinerate enemies.

Everyone can melee with their guns, but these are extra weapons for increased assassinations.
Owner Initials Melee weapon Explanation
DP C4 gloves Boxing gloves that produce explosions on impact.
RW Fire Good for incinerating opposition
AN Plumb line Flail/sling shot that is swung around character to smash into enemies
PN Knives Knives with an increased assassination providing rate.
KT Ipod Touch Another weapon that puts affected devices against their team. A touch of this can electrocute the victim, and weaken their defenses to all attacks. This qualifies as a tech weapon.
GQ Fists Weaponless assassinations
JD Drill Machine aided drill
AP Cord whip A whip that produces a shock on contact. Oddly, it does not need to be plugged in.

Owner Initials Special weapon Explanation
DP Laser Pointer Ultimate laser pointer of death. GG445's laser made portable.
RW Lighter Heh, fire.
AN Pilow I wouldn't sleep on that...
PN Pocket Telescope Burn enemies, snipe enemies, eh, it's a good weapon.
KT Compass Not the one that shows direction, the one used to draw circles.
GQ Mime Wait, can I slit someone's throat by pointing and miming, too?
JD Meme Wounded enemy tries to crawl away to another. JD walks up and whispers "Problem?" Enemy loses will to live.
AP Ipod Nano Used to deafen, or play fitting music.

The other available ability that replaces this one is use of health pack. As health doesn't restore as quickly, and there are more enemies, health packs are once again useful.*** No automatic shields though.*
Owner Initials Special ability (user is invincible during use) Explanation
DP Boredom Relaxes, regains health, and plays with a deadly laser pointer. Instant kill if shot connects. May connect with network.
RW Serenity Zones out to think. Regains health. Occasionally burns the area in front of him with a lighter for possible instant kill.
AN Tech check Glances at phone. Increases the power of weapons temporarily. May connect with network.
PN Skill Test (range) Flicks knives in many directions. Instant kill if shot connects.
KT Study Studies devices or random object. Powers up weapons or heals health respectively) May connect with network.
GQ Skill Test (melee) Tries out melee attacks. Instant kill if shot connects.
JD Game Whips out DS and games. Powers up weapons or heals health based on game) May connect with network.
AP Sound Check Powers up weapons while checking status. May connect with nearby computers to set up advanced attack.

Opposition/Scattered WeaponsEdit

All weapons in line of upgrades. The guns are available to anyone, and are found, or awarded.
Name Type Range Owner
Shoopdawhoop face Laser Cannon Long Map
Tenderizer Shotty Generic Shotgun Medium Map
(Gen) Machine Gun Generic Machine Gun Medium Map
(Gen) Sniper Generic Sniper Rifle Long Map
Semi-auto Snowball Launcher A bob-omb launcher that shoots snowballs Up to long range Map
Universal Serial Blade (USB) Knives Short Melee Map, Drones
Gen. Mortar Long Store, Siege units
Parachute bomb Medium - Long Store, Sappers, Support/Special Forces units
Muffler Gun A modified Sten gun Medium Every other bullet is metal with a flammable coating, the other is a bullet with a flint tip
Table saw gun Modified Chauchat submachine gun Engineers


Defenses are purchaseable, and highly recommended. Enemies are able to avoid them, based on their type. Some are notably reminiscent of Stronghold games and Plants vs. Zombies
Name Type Use Upgrades
Moat Used to keep ground enemies from reaching walls or doors. Depending on the dimensions, it may be jumped. Or swam across. Filled with water, gas, lava. May also be left unfilled.
Cameras Alerts players to intruders Better field of view, clarity, thermal vision
Turrets Shoots at intruders Shoots more at intruders
Trip mines Explosives. Each reset at the end of a level. Multiple use mines.
Walls Extra barriers may be set up. Stronger walls
Sprinkler Systems Hackable, automatic, tripwired to rain on enemies as an attack or defense more aware.
PA systems Alerts allies, annoys enemies.
Motion sensor lights Auto turrets to most enemies. Cannot see engineers.


Enemies are able to avoid defenses, based on their type. Remember who does what.
Class Description Common weapons Danger level (Average)
Engineer Support units, can navigate most traps. Not dangerous based on fighting abilities. Nail gun, Sledge Hammer, Pistols. Low, Mostly defense
Drone Basic attack units. Dangerous, but too predictable to be a major threat. All around abilities. Tenderizer shotty, Machine guns, Knives, Fists, Grenades. Average
Berserk Die-hard (literally) soldier. Loves fighting more than the point of the war. Enjoys sacrifice. Massive weapons or none at all. Extreme
Support A group of such enemies who aid their team rather than destroy yours. Hold weapons/aids for others Minimal, but may increase the danger of surrounding enemies.
Special Forces Rare enemies, but dangerous when they come. Specialist weapons. Varies
Scum Hordes of one type of enemy Themselves. Varies, related to number
Enemies are able to avoid defenses, based on their type. Remember who does what. Dropped items are starred, rarely dropped are starred with brackets.
Class Name Weapon Abilities Danger level Notes
Engineer Lead Engineer Nail gun*, Sledge Hammer, Pistol* Builds/destroys structures and traps. Fights minimally and usually only when nearly dead. Engineers are similar to the humans in Gods vs. Humans, rather than the Engineer of TF2.
Engineer Mechanical Engineer Nail Gun*, Gattling gun(*) Sets up turrets, and robots. Defends itself.
Engineer Civil Engineer Sledge Hammer, Hammer Sets up defenses for the enemies. Melee/short range weapons.
Engineer Siege Engineers Phones* Disables traps of yours Melees with their technology Especially weak to phones, technology (They try to disable them faster than you trigger them.)
Engineer Sapper Hammer, Machine gun Does general engineer duties, but fights and protects his team. Much stronger than they. Fights when you get close Of the engineers, take these guys out first.
Drone Basic Drone Machine gun, shotty Basic soldier Fights whenever possible, even when it could cost them their lives A slightly smarter and less dangerous berserk
Berserk Berserk Drone Multiple Machine Turrets, Rockets (not the wimpy missiles, actual rockets) Does anything to get to you and brutally demolish you. This die-hard is ready to die hard for his team. Really dangerous all around. Good thing he's slow.
Berserk Berserk Sapper A source of fire, more explosives than humanly possible (too bad he's not human; there'd be less to run from) Does more than anything to clear a way to you and brutally demolish anything in his path. Less of a harm to you personally, more of a harm to your defenses He's the saboteur/Minecraft creeper of the game, at the speed of a train.
Berserk Berserk Tank Fists, Body slam You wish this guy was a tank. Tanks eventually stop. This is a steamroller. One guy you don't ever want chasing you. Guns? Who needs 'em.
Berserk Special Berserk Forces Telephone poles, fists. Holds and attacks with things much, much bigger than you, and whose melee weapons are five times your height. Larger than other Berserks, which is really bad for you. Guns? Who needs 'em.
Support Jeepmobile Mounted machine gun (used by another enemy) A jeep of supplies and enemies. Brings the horde to you faster. But ya know, he doesn't appear to have anything so stop you from getting on. He's a fast one, though.
Support Troll Drone Size He plugs moats by jumping in Eventually will suffocate, and can be removed prematurely. Will go into lava, despite it killing him. If trolls usually live under bridges, this guy must have wanted some freedom to go with it.
Support Living shields Additions to shields Bulletproof in the front, plus other fun. Must be moved by others A new definition of firewall, plus may hold gas nozzles and small turrets in the shield.
Support Launch Pad Anything launched off the trampoline A literal launching pad Must be moved/loaded by others Known to aim even without ammo.
Support Medic Corpses/Dying enemy's weapons Heals, and makes use of the unhealable Revives/heals enemies, or keeps the danger level when you kill close by enemies. A healer who actually attacks.
Special Forces Sniper Sniper Rifle Picks off the idiots who ignore them Only if you leave him. Long range death.
Special Forces Mine Sweeper Broom Makes grenades obvious to other enemies to avoid them He disables them, and is not wounded by grenades. Almost an engineer
Special Forces Terror inducer claws Skeletal zombies that rise from the ground. Typical hand-breaks-through-ground entrance, followed by the rest of the skeleton, or merely a crawling forearm. Shooting the hand will loosen its grip on the ground, effectively killing it. Meant to shake your confidence, as sometimes, the skelly is only a hand rising, and others it is a whole warrior. Almost an engineer
Scum Robo niners Their size and blocking abilities. A "meat" shield. A swarm of short, weaponless drones. Ugly and annoying. A defensive unit. One room clearing grenade is all you need for them.
Scum Fangirls Ruin your aim, occasionally steal some ammo while your distracted A swarm of short, weaponless drones. Pretty (and) annoying. An offensive unit. One room clearing grenade is all you need for them. Do not get close.


  • Waterloo Public Library
  • CIGI
  • RIM (most of them, though unnamed)
  • 99 Erb st. West
  • Perimeter Institute
  • 650 Laurelwood Dr (SJAM)
  • Retirement home opposite 375-601 Erbsville Rd.
  • 375-601 Erbsville Rd.
  • The Forest
  • The Lang Tannery
  • Grand River Hospital
  • Across from 15 Westmount Rd South
  • Generic Farm of Doom
  • Generic Sewer of Doom


Game play is heavily based off of Gears of War (2). Active reload, curb-stomping, reviving downed allies and auto regaining health return in this game.


In this game, everyone has one base gun, with a separate pistol and a dispenser. The base gun comes equipped with a dispenser that provides unlimited ammo supply, but needs recharging. The longer you use a gun, the longer the battery takes to recharge bullets. Switch guns with some regularity. The gun itself has a computer that allows it to transform into any of its set configurations, but can replace them with weapons around the battlefield. It can hold the form of three large weapons, and a special melee weapon. The pistol has limited ammo, with its own reloading system. The separate dispenser gives access to grenades. Weapons scattered may be picked up to fund or replace held weapons.

Controls for changing weapons may be adjusted to match the players expectations. One setting is making the buttons correspond with range, (high, medium, low), and the other is an even distribution (two grenades for one button, two primaries for one button, two secondaries for one button).

As the ammo supply can provide for any type of gun, and needs recharging for use anyways, ammo for types of guns are from one pot. That supply can be changed to give more to the gun you prefer. Note that as bullet requirements for a gun change (machine gun to rocket launcher), ammo supplies when transferred change as well. Guns scattered or picked up may be harvested for direct ammo of the same gun that is held (with a bonus), harvested for indirect ammo of same type, picked up to replace current gun. There are also ammo restock boxes scattered, or held by enemies that will provide ammo to all weapons (but more to the ones that need them).

In terms of speed: Changing types of guns (primary to secondary/long to medium range) > changing within type/ range > Successful active reload > running away > reload > failed active reload. Even Gears sticks to that ranking.


Controls for the Diamond controller

swipe i to iW/iW - Pick up weapon/health pack
swipe i to iX/iX - Melee/(with s) Special melee attack // Defuse traps
swipe i to iY/iY - Jump (oh, yes)
swipe i to iZ/iZ - Check locations of allies / Cancel \ Agility
i - Interact (based on prompt) / Accept / Continue current agility moves // (if aimed at a defense) - highlights the object, (in sA is pressed while holding i) - build more of that object
swipe/press +R left/right - Reload (Double click for active reload. Complete with bonuses and gun jamming. Even though reload, technically means recharge for the latter half of the game)
+L left/right - Hold to run / (with mPad direction) - roll / tap - Agility move \ Check ally locations
sA - Select/change Long range\Primary weapon // Select/change building tool
sB - Select/change Short Range\Secondary weapon (+ pistols) // Select pistol
sC - Select/change Medium Range\Projectile weapon // Access expansive build interface
sD - Select/change Attack control/Defense control sets (changes to controls marked by "//")
s - Pick up weapon as type ammo/half of the combination for special attacks
mPad - Move, run when moving is a generally consistent direction / mPad down Drop, if edge grabbing
m - Duck (can crawl if a direction is pressed)
m, direction on the mPad - Jog / (with +L) - roadie run / (if edge grabbing) climb up
lPad - Change camera angle / (Tap if executing an enemy) Look away before the blow connects
l - Scope zoom/cancel
Swipe toward player beside xR/xR - Fire Weapon/(with s) Special weapon attack // Use tool / fire pistol if selected.
xL - Aim
Slide on oR/oR - instant turn right
Slide on oL/oL - instant turn left
Aimer - Special Aim

Changes from GoWEdit

  • Curb stomping can be less violent if gore is turned off. Characters will use their special weapons to eliminate downed opposition. Plus, if pressing l during or before the finishing move, the character will line up the blow, then look away at the last second. With gore, there may be a tiny bit of blood splattering even while looking away.
  • Rather than dying from blood loss, characters have auto-injecting anesthesia before it sets in. Relatably, if two allies are downed but not dead, they can help each other up using the connection feature. They go close, combine a half-battery of sorts, which produces a bar similar but faster than the blood loss meter. Speed advantage decreases with difficulty, meaning less chance of redemption from a downed ally. There is also a small bonus for allies reviving each other.
  • The characters can jump (Yay!) And can also edge-grab. You can also choose to roadie run, which is faster and safer than a normal run.
  • Up to four can play on offline. The characters wear robotic enhancement suits, so they don't pant as hard when they run, and they can jump. A more useful suit than the one in Halo, minus the shield. Similar to Metroid, rather than swimming, they are able to walk through the water. However, most suits merely filter the air, which means staying underwater will eventually drown them.
  • Not quite like GoW in strategies. Though you still are hiding most of the time, this game features a higher appreciation for the facility fought in, and more customization as well. Protection of the building is somewhat optional, but it allows for a higher success rate, so it is encouraged. Arming it better is also recommended. Luckily, because of the time it takes to make repairs to the entire level, there are sandbox gaps in levels to allow rebuilding of the fortress.
  • Quick repairs are rather safe to do, and allow for a small weapon in defense. However, if you want to build something new, and like window shopping, they character will not hold weapons when building, and you may not last long enough to complete what you want.
  • Shopping can be done with invincibility, or without. The interface gives you a view of your character to monitor, as well as the option to renew shields to continue shopping.
  • If one player pauses the game, the character will sheath their weapon, and run around with glowing handcuffs. This distracts enemies, who may shoot at them, but will notice that they're weaponless, and continue what they were doing. If the player returns, they cannot instantly rejoin and shoot again, as that may be unfair (e.g. They ran into the enemy base). In this case, they can either continue running around, or teleport back to their original spot immediately. When killed, one may notice that ghost cams are actually ghost cams. You can fly if you want to better help your remaining allies.
  • Certain enemies are notably limited on ammo supplies. Suspiciously and somewhat cruelly; weaker enemies who rely on their pistol may find it running out.

Points of Interest for this titleEdit

  • Combining building from C&C/TD games into a shooter.
  • Making the heroes maneuverable and quick
  • Allowing double-teaming and other moves that allow and help cooperation.
  • Enemies don't have unlimited ammo
LOW 1: putting the Weapons into Ludicrously Overpowered Weapons.

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