Area Number Surroundings Enemies Mini Boss Area Boss Optional Boss
Any time Training Facilities (indoor/outdoor) Training Toads Toadsworth 3x, much like the Master. (These battles focus more on defensive strategy.) Culex
1 Bowser (close to the beginning) Petey Piranha Boom Booms
2 Wiggler Fawful Donkey Kong (To rescue Pauline)
3 Big Lantern Ghost Blizzaurus and the Crystal King Gooper Blooper
4 Manta Storm Francis and Sir Grodus Dino Piranha (To rescue Rosalina)
5 The Koopalings (Wendy O. Koopa, Roy Koopa) The Koopalings (Iggy Koopa, Morton Koopa Jr., Ludwig von Koopa) The Koopalings (Lemmy Koopa, Larry Koopa)
6 Bowser Jr. The Big Three: Chief Chilly, Big Bully and Big Bob-omb King Boo and the Boo brigade
7 Cosmic Rosalina/Shadow Pauline False Princesses Koopa Troop The Goomba corps (infantry) lead by Goomboss, the Shy Guy Corps (mounted in tanks) lead by General Guy and Big Guy the Stilted, the Bob-omb squad (navy) lead by King Bob-omb, the Magikoopa corps (airships) lead by Kamella and the Koopa unit (all) lead by Bowser)
8 Yoshi Mario (Magic) & Luigi (electricity) Bowser (His version of a training battle. Difficult to attack him and defeat him, but this mainly training in offensive strategy.)