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<center><span style="font-family:font; color:white; font-size:30px;" title="WELCOME! One and all!">'''Welcome to the Game Ideas Wiki'''</span></center>


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==Please enter at your own risk== 
|style="font-size:90%;" |<div style="font-size:130%; font-variant:small-caps; margin-left:10px;">'''<span style="color:purple;"><!-- you may touch what is to the right of my warning --> Please be aware. <br>
Not only do these pages contain '''spoilers''', <br>
some articles may be speculation on upcoming games. <br>
''And some of us are uptight about anonymous users, so log in before posting!''</span>  


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|style="font-size:90%;" |<div style="font-size:130%; font-variant:small-caps; margin-left:10px;">'''<span style="color:purple;"><!-- you may touch what is to the right of my warning --> Congratulations on Game Ideas Wiki to have 250 pages (and counting)! 300 is coming fast! w00t! <br>''New users, please read.'' In other news, we seem to have a lot of anonymous users on this wiki. [[User_blog:Geniusguy445/You_can%27t_all_be_anonymous...|Want my thoughts?]] <br> and in other news, I GG445, have decided to enable chat because i felt like it. Enjoy! Leave complaints where i can see them!</span>'''  


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| style="padding-left:8px; border-bottom:1px solid #8B4513;" |<span style="font-size:150%; font-variant:small-caps; color:black;">Order of Business</span>
| style="font-size:12px;" |
<span style="color:black;">Select the link matching your reason for being on this page</span>
*[[Help:Getting_started|First time here?]]
*[[Sandbox|Looking for a sandbox to sharpen your skills?]]
*[[Help:Content|Making a new page?]]
*[[Help:Toolbar/List of available tools|Needing more advanced editing tools?]]
*[[Help:Contents|More involved in the wiki?]]
*[[Game Ideas Wiki:Contact us|Need to contact the heads of the wiki?]]

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 Hi there!=
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'''[[user:Ouroburos.TheNewSaurian|<span style="color:purple;" title="The people who join together with me on this wiki will forever be known as my followers.">Ouroburos</span> ]]'''