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Congratulations! You have stumbled upon an enormous encyclopedia of budding game designers' greatest ideas. Traveling around will reward you with a variety of articles describing very different and diverse games that are sure to impress. We here at the Game Ideas Wiki strive to design potentially the greatest and most enjoyable games ever played. What's even better is that you can join our ranks. You start today.

More about our organization of incredible designersEdit

Our creator of Game Ideas was Multi128, but he abandoned the wiki in favor of another. Some time later, Ouroburos discovered it and transformed it to the way it is today. So should you join, you will report to him.

The first game idea created on this wiki was Eon. Multi128 started it, but our current leader completed and transformed it and the wiki to the way it is today. But not without the help of Beecanoe, Geniusguy445 and ETG.

The Six Pillars of Giving Birth to a Game IdeaEdit

These are the Six' Pillars of Giving Birth to a Game Ideas'. They are supportive and well-known guidelines to help people create their game ideas.

1. You can create as many game ideas as you like... Anything is allowed for creation except sexual content!

2. Always make basic summaries of your ideas so people who browse them can understand.

3. Beecanoe, Geniusguy, Ethanthegamer, and I, SaurianJared (, are your Gods of this Wiki! So fellow wikia users can at least ask us for advice and give us details for their ideas.

4. Just to make things clear: There is no telling about the whereabouts of Multi128. We are not to blame for this absence, whatsoever. But when he does come back, he can either become the leader of this wiki again, or become an admin like Beec and Geniusguy are... And maybe ETG, also!

5. The more game ideas and blogs created, the more people decide to be a part of Game Ideas Wiki... Act sharp or don't act at all is what we're saying!

6. Have fun creating your articles! We wish the best of luck to you and everyone here. See this page for a few guidelines.



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New users, please read. In other news, we seem to have a lot of anonymous users on this wiki. Want my thoughts?
and in other news, I GG445, have decided to enable chat because i felt like it. Enjoy! Leave complaints where i can see them!"

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