I'll just jot down any characters that come to head here :)

For Bravespirit SeriesEdit

Possible CharactersEdit

Dante II- Dark skin, dark brown eyes, white hair. Possible love interest for Amber? Son of John or Pablo.

Amber - Black hair in four spiked pony tails (Temari), dark brown eyes, possible slightly tan skin tone? Daughter of Alex or Ethan and Casey?

Rocky II- Grayish hair, blue eyes. Possible son of Alex or Ethan and Casey?

Jacques II- Black hair, blue eyes. Twin brother of Rocky II? Possible son of Alex or Ethan and Casey?

Destiny- Blond hair, spike over eyes, daughter of Deia. LOTS of pink clothes. Possible love interest for Rocky II or Jacques II?

Clayton- Son of Zach. Black hair with brown eyes and dark skin tone.

Family TreesEdit

Rocky- Father of Deia, brother of Charlie's dad.

Charlie- Cousin of Deia, Rocky's nephew.


Astronaut- Takes place between the Lightning Saga and the Mind Saga. About Rocky and Charlie, with Casey as a side character.

Foreign Mission- Features Ryan and Casey posing as a couple in Germany, to spy on Akatsuki movements.

Desert Survival- Zach, Tyler, John, Ethan, and Casey are stranded in a desert, which tests John's mental stability. Libra is featured heavily.

Theme SongsEdit

Astronaut (Simple Plan)- Charlie

You're Gonna Go Far Kid (The Offspring)- Jacques

Good Life (Onerepublic)- Gibson

Headstrong (Trapt)- Alex

Monster (Meg and Dia)- Pablo

Bring Me to Life (Evanescence) or Chosen One (Mona Lisa Overdrive)- Casey

Glad You Came (The Wanted)- Zach

Do the John Wall (Troop 41)- John (Why is this so fitting?????)

Savin' Me (Nickelback)- Ryan

Hero (Nickelback)- Ethan

Casey StuffEdit


Aries- Casey's side personality identity. Quote: "Hey Citizen!"

Pisces- Blond hair, green eyes, color- army green Evil personalitiy. Quote: "That took you long enough."

Capricorn- Black hair, brown eyes, color- Navy blue. Neutral personality. "You're ______, like Gibson!"

Scorpio- White hair, white eyes, color- white. Rage/True Bravespirit Personalitiy. "RAGE!"

Libra- Orange hair, orange eyes. Color- Yellow. Protective personality. "You have to learn more about a person, before you can even think about being their friend."

Virgo- Red hair, pink eyes. Color- red. Hyper Personalitiy. "Cake and Alex? PERFECT!"

Zach StuffEdit

Stupid Mistakes :3-

Forgot cheese in the mac n cheese (Therefore it became mac.)