Protagonist is a Necromancer




what weapons will be effective really depends on alot of things. are these corpses reanimated by an intelligent hive mind like the flood from halo? are they humans infected with a rage virus like left 4 dead and resident evil? are they risen dead? if so how did they rise? virus? scientific expirement gone wrong? nanobots? radiation? and if its radiation are the zombies radioactive? can they harness the radiation like the glowing ones and reavers in fallout? are they slow shambling zombies or can they run? can they use doors? if they arent intelligent are they atleast semi intelgent? can they learn? would armor be effective? (a human can bite with the same force as an alligator but were programmed to hold back, becoming a zombie removes that programing) can they bleed out? what if destroying the brain doesnt work because the virus, fungus, hive mind, nanobots, or whatever made the zombie doesnt need the brain? what if theyre made through some sort of sorcery? (zombie legends did start in voodoo) so many things you need to know before you plan your assault on the horde [1]